Monday, May 7, 2012

These are of Spencer at Valentine's.  He got two valentines day outfits.

 I'm pretty partial to the pirate one...
 We bought this one because we thought it was funny.  He is future Mr. Wright!
 He was sick with a bad cold and he was a miserable baby
We had gone to Brian's parents and when we came home, he was tired, he fell asleep while we were trying to change his diaper.  He was playing with thier dog and had worn himself out.  Poor little guy.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Working Working

I will try to finish with the picture updates soon.  I only have a few more that I really want to post.  I have been so busy at work I feel like I dont have time for anything.  I am training to be a manager for my company.  Somedays, I am not sure if it is worth it, but I guess we will see.  It will pay me about 16 an hour which is 5 more an hour than I make now.  That will be nice.  Anyway, I hope to be done with the updates by Wednesday at the latest.  Will talk more later.
This is Spencer's very favorite book ever.  He likes to turn the pages on his own and he likes the colorful pages and artwork.  I think every kid should have this book.

The butterfly is his favorite!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

So I finally can upload pictures again.  We got Spencer this Santa suit because we thought it would be so cute.  I absolutely adore these photos!